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At L&D

Hey all! Just wanting to let everyone know I'm at L&D because my water is broke. But don't go screaming congrats yet. They have me on bedrest until she is born. I am also receiving IV fluids, antibiotics to prevent infection, doing an NST once a day for an hour, etc. I am going batty because I have to use a bloody bedpan to pee! I also haven't seen my kids since Sunday. Because of the H1N1 scare, but my nurse is going to try to let them come visit for a couple of hours. I seriously miss my babies. But the latest ill have her is next Tuesday, if I don't go into labor on my own or if I don't develop any problems, they are inducing me next Tuesday at the latest. So by next Tuesday I will have a little girl.

If anyone wants to contact me to check up on me or anything my cell phone number is 864-529-4856 and my room phone number is 864-573-3370
So a girl posted to my birth club on BBC wanting info on circ, and opinions on it. She wasn't sure what to do, even after doing research. So, I posted an extremeeeeely long informative post on circ containing LOTS of valuable info, and at the end of the post I even linked wreckingboy's Mutilation Nation article, and mentioned that if she wanted all the links to the various resources I did research on when pregnant with my DS I would be more than glad to give her those links, for her to just PM me.

IN MY POST I mentioned how they tried to conduct a study on baby's pain levels during RIC that had to be discontinued due to the fact the study was deemed barbaric. I also mentioned how some studies have shown that some men do in fact remember the pain of circ subconsciously. AFTER my post there are women stating that babies do not feel that much pain just the initial pinch then they stop crying (Dipshits, have you ever heard of someone going into shock?!) and how they won't remember the pain when they are older (Again, studies have proven that some men DO remember the pain subconsciously!) and blah blah blah, other stupid retarded comments. It's more hygenic (nope, not really....if it was then the 80% of the world's men that's intact would be getting circ'ed as adults due to problems...), there aren't many risks, and bleeeeh. I'm just miffed. I TRY to educate people. But, people don't listen! One girl even DARED to compare the risks of circ to the risks of an epidural. Ok...what are the risks to epidural? BP dropping, baby's heartrate dropping, paralysis, headaches, labor slowing, allergic reaction the the meds and nerve damage. What are the risks to circ? Oh...let me see. Hemhorrage, infection, partial amputation, skin shortage, cysts, possible meatal stenosis, painful erections later in life, and even death. So...how the hell are the risks even comparable? One thing, an epidural, has minor risks....circ can have life threatening risks. Seriously...do people not do research? Or are people just as stupid as they seem?

I'm done with those idiots though. Seriously. DONE. If I comment on a circ post from now on, I'll leave a long-ass informative comment, followed by a link to wreckingboy's article, followed by stating that I will gladly give resources to research on if wanted; And after that? I won't comment anymore. If people choose to be blind sheep, so be it. I just don't want to hear the whining after their son's circ is botched, or they have a problem stemming from the circ. Because I'll be there to say "See...this is why you DONT get boys circumcised!"

People are idiots. Point blank. And I hate people.

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Asian Dramas and Movies to watch

Here's a loooonnngggg list of various dramas and movies that I want to watch. Put here for safe keeping so I don't forget what I want to watch, more or less, heh. If anybody has any that they want to recommend, go for it. Not to mention, I'm always finding more and more to watch. Aaaahhh. It's so frustrating.


First off, I need to finish watching 1 Pound no Fukuin.

Dramas to watch

1) Akihabara@DEEP
2) Kurosagi (Also, must see movie.)
3) Bambino!
4) Gokusen 1 & 2 (because mommaambrosia just won't shut up about it. Hush woman, I'll watch it!! Besides, it has some of my favorite peoples in it. *grin*)
5) First Kiss
6) Princess Princess D
7) Proposal Daisakusen
8) Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
9) Yukan Club
10) Long Love Letter
11) Hanayome to Papa
12) Zettai Kareshi
13) 1 Pound no Fukuin

Dramas I've watched

1) Kimi wa Petto
2) Nobuta wo Produce
3) Hana Kimi/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
4) Honey & Clover/Hachimitsu to Kuroba


First, I need to finish watching I'm sorry I Love you/MiSa/I'm sorry but I love you/Mianhada Saranghanda

1) My Girl/Ma-i-geol
2) Princess Lulu/Lu-lu Kong-joo
3) Sweet 18/Nang Rang 18 Seh
4) A Love to Kill
5) Bad Couple
6) Bad Love
7) Alone in Love
8) Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
9) Snow Queen/Noon Eui Yeo Wang
10) Witch Yoo Hee
11) Lovers in Paris
12) Only You
13) Wedding
13) Lovers

That's it for now. Yay for the fact that I KNOW I'll add more to this list. Bwahahahahaha. And I haven't even begun to look at Chinese or Taiwanese dramas. *giggle* Though I'm tempted to watch the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi, and probably will...just haven't decided yet.

Manga List

List of manga I'm either currently reading, or will be reading soonish. This is partially so I can keep up, and partially because I loves thems. In order of importance/what I'll read first. :) Also, the type of manga is listed. All manga can be found here For those not familiar with the terminology,here's some quick descriptions:

Shojo: aimed at teenage/young girls.
Shonen: aimed at boys.
Josei: aimed at adult women.
Seinen: aimed at adult men.

Now that we're done reviewing the different types, ONTO THE LIST!


1) Hana Kimi/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e--Currently on Ch. 15 Pg.2
2) Ayashi no Ceres
3) Hana Yori Dango
4) Full Moon Wo Sagashite---Currently on Ch. 6
5) Alice 19th
6) Ouran High School Host Club
7) Zettai Kareshi (AKA Absolute Boyfriend)
8) The One


1) Paradise Kiss/ParaKiss


1) Love Hina
2) Fairy Tail


1) One Pound Gospel/Ichi-Pondo no Fukuin

Yea, I know, I got a LOT of reading. Especially considering that Fairy Tail is ongoing, and I think Ouran is too. Not to mention anime I have/need to watch, and dramas. I've seen the Hana Kimi drama, the Ayashi no Ceres, ParaKiss, and Love Hina anime. I have/need to watch Hana Yori Dango (drama!), Full Moon Wo Sagashite, and Ouran. But hey, at least I won't be bored right? Heh.

Friends Only!

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Fave Japanese Fashion Mags List.

I'm bored so I made a list of my fave Japanese fashion mags, not like probably anyone cares. But, I need this list cause I'm sick of going to my magazine scans folder to find what magazines I look at when new scans are posted. But hey, some of these mags have some REALLY cute fashion in them. Like CUTiE...like that isn't obvious by the name...or an.an or CanCam or non-no. But, I loves them. :D Btw, all of these [except Glitter and Woofin' Girl] are scanned OFTEN at jmagazinescans if it ever peaks your interest to check any out. :P In no particular order, because I have at LEAST one issue of all of these on the PC. Most of the time--with the exception of Ageha, Popteen, ViVi, Pinky, and BLENDA--I delete the older scans as I get newer ones. I have a huuuugeeee magazine scans folder. I loves them. Ok I'm going to stop babbling.

Mags List

Woofin' Girl
egg [although Kaoru Watanabe's habit of inventing new "styles" is annoying as hell]
Happie Nuts
es poshh!

Circ/Foreskin info

This is a TON of info for the intactivist movement about the problems with circumcision, and info about the foreskin and it's purpose. Many links abound in this post as well.

Cut to save your friend's page, or if you don't wish to read itCollapse )

Btw, I didn't write this. Somebody else wrote it and gave me express permission to post it here.
Currently, I'm really upset, so this post will most likely be edited quite a bit.

A sweet and wonderful woman has passed. She was a very strong woman, and I'd like to think that she has finally found peace. She fought for so long with her problems, but eventually they took her away from us. She was always a fighter, never a loser.

Sometimes I think, if only the hospitals had helped more, maybe she would still be here. But I know that even though she is gone, she is never really far away. We still have our memories of her beauty, her grace, her kindness. She will always be remembered for her tenderness, sweetness, and her kind, gentle and loving heart.

I never really got to know her very well, but from what I did know of her, she was a sweet, intelligent, loving, and caring girl. You could talk to her about just about anything, and she'd understand, and try to be there and talk to you.I as well tried to be there for her, through everything. She always sounded so happy when you talked to her, but I am thankful that at last she has found peace and solace. If there was ever a person I was glad to have as a friend, it would be Krystle. I felt like she was like a sister to me, even though we really only ever talked online. If there was ever a strong woman, it would be her. She really meant a lot to me. She will be missed deeply.

Krystle, we love you and we miss you.

May you find peace and solace in the afterlife you will be missed.

Krystle B. 11/19/1985-9/27/2006- Shall we always remember thy beauty both thy inner and outer beauty, but most of all inner beauty.

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