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Abnormal pap?

I had a pap smear done by my family practitioner, because my insurance is basic care, and doesn't cover specialists, back on September 9. I went back on September 17 for a follow-up from the ER, and we reviewed my pap smear results, he said I had an abnormal pap with low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSIL). I had originally scheduled a follow-up for that for a colposcopy plus biopsy for October 17, but I had to cancel because I realized that A) a speculum hurts being in long enough for a pap smear much less as long as it takes for a colposcopy B) Pap smears hurt, there's no way I can deal with a biopsy and a FP probably wouldn't numb it and C) My insurance wouldn't cover if it turned out it was cancerous. I'm 28, and my doctor told me at my age the next step recommended by ACOG is absolutely to do a biopsy, but I'd rather just get another pap smear in 6 months than jump straight to biopsy, it's possible it was a fluke or something, since our bodies constantly change, though I'm not entirely sure, since my research shows an LGSIL is usually something to do with cancer or HPV. Is it possible to even have HPV when you're not even sexually active in the slightest? Should I ask the doc if he can just do an HPV test and not do a biopsy, to see if it can be HPV instead of running something extremely invasive and painful straight off the bat, just in case it IS caused by HPV? I'm not looking forward to getting in the stirrups *again* but, if it's a chance it could be HPV instead of cancer, or just nothing at all. I'd rather just rule out HPV instead of automatically getting a biopsy. Regardless, I'm not getting a biopsy until March when open enrollment is back up for my insurance so I can get full coverage and see a gyno for the biopsy, and hopefully tell them look, you will put me to sleep because it's hard for me to deal with a pap without crying. So, I'm coming here, VPers, because I'm wondering. Have any of you had an LGSIL pap that turned out to be absolutely nothing? Or is it even possible for LGSIL to be nothing, like not cancer, or not HPV?